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Welcome to Widow Maker Game Farm.

 I have raised game fowl for over 30 years and have some of the best i've ever seen at this time. We have a fine selection of show fowl to choose from. Which include about 4 different families of Hatch Fowl: Leaper, Blue Face, Mclean, and Ruble.
 These are used as a base to cross with Sweaters, Round Head, and our Grey families.
 We keep about 250 birds on our farm along with our brood fowl.
 Widow Maker Game Farm consists of 20 acres with EXCELLENT facilities to raise quality healthy fowl. 
If interested in our fowl or any other questions, please feel free to call us after 6:00 pm at (256)558-3891, or send us an e-mail directly from this site on our Contact Page.  
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For SHOW and BREEDING purposes only.

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